Anthony (Tas) Tasgal

Story Telling Evangelist

Anthony Tasgal (or Tas for short) is the author of ‘The Storytelling Book’, the award-winning guide to using storytelling techniques to improve presentations and communication published in 2015. Tas went on to publish ‘The Inspiratorium’, ‘Incitations’ and most recently ‘The Storytelling Workbook’.

In addition to running his own training practice, Tas leads The Guardian masterclass on “Harnessing the power of storytelling”. He is also a Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Market Research Society and the Institute of Internal Communication. Besides this, he is an Associate Lecturer at Bucks New University and Nottingham Trent Universities and a Principal Advisor for CIO Connect in Hong Kong, the premier advisory service dedicated to CIOs and other tech leaders in HK.

Tas’ Talk

Don’t be a Deck-Head: how storytelling can help us get through attention spam

Humans are surrounded, educated and entertained by stories. We are intrigued by them, they pique our curiosity and help us make sense of the world.

Yet in so much of our lives and in so many domains- politics, local government, law, health, education, marketing and beyond – we have created an ‘arithmocracy’ which worships at the altar of data and numbers creating an arid, numbing reductionism.

We try to ‘land’ messages by filling them with facts, and add to the sea of PowerPoint landfill. In this talk, Tas will explain how storytelling can help us get through ‘attention spam’ and create a memorable Golden Thread.