Andrew Smyth

What Happens When You Combine Food & Engineering

After appearing on the Great British Bakeoff, the UK’s most watched TV program in 2016, Andrew started to notice increasingly interesting overlaps between the seemingly unrelated disciplines of baking and engineering. This started a journey of discovery that eventually led to baking for royalty and producing and judging his own Netflix show.

Andrew will give us his backstory of curiosity from a young age, discuss the novel things he’s explored by thinking creatively and the boundaries you can break down whilst doing it. He’ll ask us to consider the silos we can break down in own careers for a more fulfilled and inspiring life.

He’ll then show us live on stage what “bakineering” means to him!


Andrew’s bio

A Cake & Aerospace Engineer

Andrew is an aerospace engineer, presenter and baker. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, he divides his time between researching future aircraft for Rolls Royce and presenting his creation, “bakineering”, to explain engineering through edible means.

As a presenter, Andrew has worked internationally across stage, TV and online. He is the creator, executive producer and judge on Netflix’s “Baking Impossible” and is an expert contributor on Discovery’s “Secrets of the Superfactories”. He regularly produces and performs live “bakineering” shows with partners including the Royal Institution and the European Space Agency.

As a finalist on the Great British Bake Off in 2016, he became known for his outrageously engineered creations. Since leaving the tent, he’s nearly chopped his finger off hosting a live cooking segment on ITV and baked a rotating jet engine cake for Prince William.

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