Dr. Abbie Maroño

Emotional Trauma & the Tricky Road to Recovery

Emotional trauma. It’s horrible to consider but sadly each of us and everyone we know will have to deal with a trauma event at some point in our lives if not multiple times. Why is it that some of us can bounce back quickly from even the most severe traumas? And yet others are haunted by the event for years or even decades, permanently changing the arc of their lives in a negative way. Dr. Maroño will look at the neuroscience of what happens to us during an emotional trauma and most importantly how we respond to these stressors as well as the road to recovery from such incidents.

Abbie’s bio

A Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Abbie Maroño is both a scientist and a practitioner in the field of human behavior. Having completed her PhD in Psychology and Behavior analysis, Abbie became a Professor of Psychology at academic institutions by the age of 23, and specializes in nonverbal communication, trust, and the psychological mechanisms underpinning human decision making. In 2022, the United States Department of State recognized Abbie’s international acclaim and record of achievements in the sciences as placing her in the top 1% of her field. Abbie is now the Director of Education at Social-Engineer, LLC. Abbie is an active member of internationally recognized research groups and was awarded reviewer of the year in 2020. Abbie is also a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach.

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